Used Vehicle Information Package: Everything you need to know

Everything you would like to understand about the used vehicle information package in Ontario. If you’re selling or buying a second-hand car.
Learn about what it’s, once you need it, rules, cost, and more. Also, get answers to commonly asked questions.

What Is The Used Vehicle Information Package?

The used vehicle information package (UVIP) may be a document needed for selling a UVIP in Ontario. It provides an outline and history of the vehicle being sold. Sellers must purchase and complete the package and provides it to buyers. The package helps buyers with the acquisition of a pre-owned vehicle. It’s available through the govt of Ontario.

What Is Included within the Used Vehicle Information Package?

The UVIP includes:

  • Vehicle details
  • Used vehicle registration history
  • Vehicle lien information
  • The average wholesale value of the vehicle
  • Retail nuisance tax information
  • Vehicle condition (safety standards certificate)
  • Bill of sale

Is A Used Information Package Forced In Ontario?

Yes, sellers of pre-owned vehicles in Ontario must provide buyers with a UVIP. It’s an offense under the Highway Traffic Act to not provide a UVIP to purchasers. If you purchase or sell a vehicle without a UVIP could face fines. For the primary offense, you face a fine of $105 – $510. As well as, he fine for a second conviction is $250 – $1100. You need to supply a UVIP when selling a car, van, light truck, motorhome, or motorcycle.

Used Vehicle Information Package Exemptions?

Yes, there are specific instances once you don’t need a second-hand vehicle information package. If you are doing not need a UVIP :

  • You are transferring ownership between relations.
  • You are buying a pre-owned car from a registered used dealer.
  • If You sell your vehicle outside of Ontario.
  • You are donating your vehicle to a registered charity.

How Much Does It Take To Get Used Vehicle Information Package?

The cost of a second-hand vehicle information package is $20. You’ll pay by MasterCard (VISA, MasterCard) and Interac. So, the sellers are expected to shop for the package and supply it to the customer.

Where are you able to Get The Used Vehicle Information Package?

There are two places you’ll get the UVIP. So, You’ll catch on online and face to face. You can order a second-hand vehicle information package online through Service Ontario. You’ll order it here. You’ll be mailed the package within 5 business days. For instance, You can also purchase a UVIP package face to face at any Service Ontario center.

What Information Do I want to supply To Order a UVIP?

To get a UVIP, you’ll need the subsequent information :

  • Vehicle information number (VIN) OR car place number.
  • Ontario driver’s license number or your name and address.

What You Should Do With the finished UVIP?

The vehicle seller must provide the customer with the used UVIP. You’re to supply the customer with the vehicle portion of the owner’s permit. So, the vendor keeps the plate portion. So, the buyers will get to UVIP to finish the used car registration process.

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Difference Between Used Vehicle Information Package vs Carfax?

UVIP and Carfax are two various things. So, you would like a UVIP to finish the used car purchase process. Carfax or CarProof is an optional report you’ll purchase for a fee.
Carfax and CarProof provide a vehicle history report.

It gives you information about :

  • When your car has been in an accident.
  • If the car has been stolen.
  • There are safety recalls on the vehicle.
  • If there’s a lien on the car.

As the customer, you would like to be vigilant and look out to review and investigate the vehicle as thoroughly as possible. It’s important that, when buying a second-hand vehicle, the UVIP reviewed carefully in its entirety. Read the UVIP before making the acquisition. If something about the knowledge contained within the UVIP or with the vehicle itself appears to be inaccurate or suspicious, additional information about the vehicle will sometimes be available through the Ministry of Transportation. Further info concerning Buying and Selling a second-hand Vehicle in Ontario often found on the web site for The Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

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