Check out this article on where the computer, smartphone, or tablet is manufactured. You will realize that 99% of it was created by China. Computer users who know the origins of the computer industry, such as the Texas Instrument of Texas Instruments, are known to have used computers when they first came into the world.

If, for some reason, the monopoly of designing that computer, whether in America or Europe, is what we have today, do you think we have computer facilities? I don’t think so.

China, Foreign” software and hardware are not exclusive to us. But because of the low cost of computers, the poor and ordinary people like us in all corners of the globe could use them. So are electric vehicles. Recently someone may have heard about Chinese BYD vehicles imported to India by DIMO. Although they are not as good as Tesla vehicles, China does not stop there.

Although they are not as good as Tesla vehicles, China does not stop there. They will improve those vehicles. A video showing Ellen Musk smiling at BYD vehicles is available on YouTube Channel. The following methods will also chew china fruit.

It is profitable for us. Below is the news that Tesla is updating its charging network. The reason is that the Tesla Model 3 has become so popular that you have to reduce the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle on that network. They also built charging tanks for vehicles such as the Porsche Taycan, a German product.

One of the things that consumers are interested in buying a commercial vehicle is to charge the vehicle as early as possible. The use of Active battery cooling in Tesla vehicles has reduced the charging of the battery system due to the rapid charge. Cold and warm temperatures are not the best way to charge a battery.

Optimal temperature is required to charge the battery at maximum and maximum efficiency. Here is a modification of the software to keep this temperature in the vehicle battery. That way, the software can reduce the time it takes to charge a battery-powered vehicle by about 15 minutes. The V3 Supercharging network, launched later this year, will be able to charge twice as many vehicles as it does today.

These systems, which were originally launched in North America, will then be shipped to Europe and the Asia Pacific in the last quarter of this year. The Tesla charging tank will be enlarged from 120 kW to 250 kW. Tesla and other companies are seeing huge competition as other companies are expanding their vehicle charging networks. They are Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW. W. 400 auto production charging stations will be built.

Apparently, these are more powerful than Tesla charging stations. That is, by 2020, the charging stations will be 350 kilowatts. One can never expect that India will progress this way. Years of fossilized rubbish will continue on the roads for decades to come. We know the reasons. But Sri Lanka will have to reluctantly go as the world advances. Here’s hoping China’s electric vehicles, as well as the ever-present sunshine of the UK, can be used to build these charging stations, completely off the grid.


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