What is plastic made of? And About Plastic Epidemic

Today’s definition of development is changing from time to time. The development of our ancestors’ society was defined as good social practices, virtuous people, and living in harmony with the environment. But nowadays, a right home or a car is the most important factor which shows plastic epidemic.

But nowadays, a right home or a car is the most important factor. Anyway, nowadays, health and beauty and a perfect environment are just behind the criteria. When it comes to the defective environment, the damage done by plastics to protect the environment is immense.

In many cases, the amount of plastic that is added to the environment is much higher because of the pursuit of selfishness and profit than ignorance. For example, someone who is going to buy a car or a car often does not carry a bag. It may be because the inventory is only in mind.

More about Plastic epidemic

Someone who takes only a handful of bananas brings it to the store in a silly bag. But how many people think of carrying a plastic bag that takes up very little space when folded into two or three? In the end, that plastic bag is just added to the environment. Needless to say, plastic takes a long time to decompose.

Typical plastics have been found to take 700 years. I have a very good experience with this. As I saw at an early age, a specialized battery was used to operate the old radio type wireless telephone. This battery was somewhat box-like, and there were several types of batteries. One of those was a flat square battery with a black carbon-like part in the middle.

It was covered with a plastic envelope and exposed in the middle. We, the stubborn boys, scrambled to get these batteries when the battery was being replaced from time to time because those batteries were good bullets.

When life was fast-paced for another four to five decades, a few of these batteries were found one day in the backyard. But there is no core. The plastic cover around it had no difference. The plastic we use today is no exception. The damage to animals and plants due to these plastics is tremendous.

The sailor, who used to travel to the world’s deepest spot, the Marianna barrier, first saw plastic pieces on the bottom. We are not capable of withdrawing 100% from plastic. But we can reduce them quite a bit.

What are the disease caused by plastic?

Another recent example was a plastic sheet that was placed over the plate of food stalls. I asked a few boutiques why they put a leaf over the plate. One shop said it was because they thought people weren’t washing dishes. Another shopkeeper said it was clean. The last shop said it was easier to put the plastic paper into the trash than to wash the dishes with oil.

Since then, I have refrained from eating these plates and eating them at all times. Most people looked sarcastic when talking about this. But another person who knows the plague epidemic followed it. If one thinks the dish is dirty, how about the food? What evidence do we have? The other thing is to wash the bowl if it is dirty.

We should join a boycott of food in a plastic epidemic container and boycott it. One of the worst things in the world is the silence of the right people at fault. It has to be different. Another major disadvantage of plastics is the blockage of water currents.

There are plenty of Lunch Shirts and Plastics that are thrown away in some of American’s picturesque surroundings. These cannot be changed by rules alone. Nothing can happen without the united hope of self-discipline and protecting the environment. If we protect the environment, the environment will protect us. We don’t own the environment. But we have the right to the environment.

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