Mobile App Security is essential for every business today since it helps to increase and maintain your company’s credibility in the marketplace. Your customers require the assurance that their personal information is secure and protected even after downloading your app onto their smartphones. Therefore, companies need to ensure that their apps are secure and don’t harm any data stored on their phones.

According to the report, as per Nielsen’s Total Audience’s First Quarter report of 2018 that according to the report, U.S. consumer spends more than 2 hours and 42 minutes per day using digital media. They also spend approximately 62 percent of their time with various apps on their phones. Therefore, when considering the importance of data from users, app owners should ensure the highest level of security for their platforms.

Mobile App Security: Why is Mobile App Security Very Crucial for App Owners?

Examining and testing an application to ensure that the app is safe and secure from attacks could be described as “app security. Companies sometimes fail to check the speed and quality of their apps, which eventually leads to data breaches and damages their reputation in the marketplace. Every business is distinct, and therefore they have to devise a security strategy to protect themselves from attacks, the privacy of their users, and much more.

Mobile App Security: Lack of Security Budget Can Cost High to Your Business

The OWASP Mobile Security Group Umbrella Project report that 90percent of applications face serious security concerns, as half of the companies don’t have separate funds for the security of their apps. Therefore, to ensure that apps are secure, companies must create an additional budget for the security of their apps as this investment could help them on a massive basis.

Security of apps is an important aspect to be considered by every enterprise as it guarantees users that their app is protected from any security threats. App security does not just reduce the most significant security risks but can improve the efficiency of operations, improve trust between the brand and app users, aid the brand in addressing security concerns, and more. The investment in security for apps is worth it for business, resulting in the highest return on investment.

Mobile App Security: Tips to Protect your app from Most Dangerous Security Risk

One of the most sought-after cybercriminals’ targets these days is the security of mobile apps. A small data breach can be worth $3.86 million to app owners. The data could be exposed due to a myriad of reasons, such as insecure encryption, weak WiFi networks, or other vulnerabilities. These causes can be more costly and be considered the greatest risk to your application.

According to Nicholas Fearn’s report, mobile app attacks have increased significantly over the past few years. It was noted that it grew by 63% in 2017, and it’s vital for businesses to remain informed about the various security risks that can be found upon them. This means you need to know how to manage the issue and ensure that your app is safe and safe for the users. There are some of the most effective ways you could consider to protect your app from security risks.

Mobile App Security: Unauthorized WiFi Network

One of the most significant security risks is unsecured and unauthorized WiFi, as they’re the perfect environment for hackers, according to CNBC’s most recent report that entrepreneurs are infected through mobile vulnerabilities that are advantageous to hackers since there’s always a surge of smartphones that are connected to an endpoint located in different places.

Users should always be aware of their smartphones of insecure and unsecured servers while connecting to unsafe networks. Cybercriminals exploit these networks that are not protected and take over and gain access to sensitive information of users directly through their smartphones or apps. Therefore, businesses must ensure that the app’s information is safe, even if they connect to an unauthorized and insecure WiFi network.

Mobile App Security: Lack of Data Storage

Data storage issues are among the most common security flaws in apps. Therefore, when creating the app for business, the developers must ensure that their app is designed to protect users’ data. The user’s storage space is not a sandbox since a security breach could happen in their storage as well.

Because of the purchase of important data from mobile users, it is accessible, used, and easily manipulated. This could lead to the loss of your business as well as identity theft and external policy violations (PCI). One of the best methods to protect your data is adding an encryption layer to the base layer provided by your operating system. By installing an encrypted layer, you can guarantee your app’s security. It also lets to avoid the dependency on the standard level of encryption that the OS offers.

Mobile App Security: Malicious Code

According to the Statista report, more than 194 billion downloaded apps were downloaded by smartphone users in 2018. In recent years, utility apps such as Uber are getting more downloads. People install an app similar to Uber to use taxis and other apps available from the top app stores (Apple or Google) or third-party websites. Hackers may target an unsecured application already in the app store to take advantage of sensitive information stored by the user by downloading the application from an app store.

A researcher discovered that a malware-related strain called “Gooligan” hit around 1.3 million Android phones. Thanks to this malware-related variant, called the strain ‘Article Submission,’ Hackers were in a position to steal the data of many users on their phones. Most hackers create copies of famous apps, put them on websites of third parties, and then use the malware to steal users’ data. Therefore, you must create awareness among your users to download your app only from official stores for apps only.

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Mobile App Security: Best Way to Ensure Your Reputation in Business Market

Security of mobile apps is one of the most important aspects every business must consider to ensure that their app is safe and secure for users’ use. If your app isn’t secure, not one user would prefer downloading it from the top app store because they don’t want to risk losing their personal information.

Therefore, if you wish that most users trust your app and purchase/download it through the most well-known app store, be sure to take note of all security precautions. Making a secure application for your business will help you build your credibility on the market and help you build a strong connection with your customers.



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