EPFL [École Polytechnique Fédéralede Lausanne].

Remove Carbon Dioxide From Vehicles.. A group of Swiss inspectors have discovered a way to absorb 90% of the carbon dioxide emitted from running trucks. The advantage is that the same mounting of the vehicle is installed. These inspectors are affiliated to an industrial company called EPFL [École Polytechnique Fédéralede Lausanne].

About 30% of Europe’s total carbon emissions are from automobiles. Of that, 72% of vehicles on the road generate carbon emissions. At this time, the world is embarking on a campaign to reduce carbon emissions, as the Paris Climate Summit defines, to prevent the global mean temperature rise by 2 degrees Centigrade.

Otherwise, the animal community cannot exist. That is why transport is a major factor in increasing these emissions. […] Scientists speculate that although a small amount of global warming is increasing, it is a natural cause of wildfires. Examples include recent fires in the Amazon and Australia. Even in United Kingdom, there is an inconceivable temperature rise in the cold.

The timing of wetting of the soil after the fall of a rain is decreasing alarmingly. This is due to soil erosion. Lack of properly managed soil conservation methods is a big issue for colonial cultivation in the central highlands of India.

Unfortunately, all these things are intertwined. This is why a major factor in carbon emissions is the reduction in carbon emissions for large vehicles, such as electric vehicles for transportation, as well as for driving low-carbon emissions. The above experiments in Switzerland have found that carbon emission can directly capture carbon dioxide emanating from the vehicle’s silencer.

It is then turned into a carbon dioxide liquid and stored in a tank on the roof of the truck. This method is patented and therefore, not all details can be found. But the method is as follows: The fumes from the vehicle are cooled, and the water vapor is removed.Remove Carbon Dioxide From Vehicles.

After that, a temperature swing absorption system, called a carbon dioxide, is extracted from the other gases and converted to pure carbon dioxide at the engine’s engine temperature. When the truck comes to refuel, the liquid carbon dioxide is then converted into renewable energy by renewable energy.

The entire set is about 2 x 0.9 x 1.2 m in size and 7% of the truck’s weight. The truck generates three times as much carbon dioxide as fossil fuel. So there’s a profit here. And the amount of energy that goes into the whole process is quite small. Although inspectors only focus on the trucks used at this time, theoretically, any fossil-fuel-powered engine can use this method.

Their second step is to find ways to use this method for large boats and buses. If the system were to expand in some way, it would be a good way to protect the environment as well as the environment, without damaging the functioning of the trucks.

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