First of all, we should know all about email marketing.  Let’s think you have a gmail or a yahoo account.Definitely, you logged into that email platform and see the inbox. If you do a youtube channel, you will see notification emails on your email platform.  Email marketing is like that.  We can target some countries and do this. In here You can download Email Database Free.

canada email list free download

For example, I want to make a youtube channel about 2022 football.  So I’m already starting a youtube channel.  But nobody knows about this newly created channel.  So we can send my channel to people of different countries by email.  Imagine I want a USA country target audience.  Then I can target the USA and send a little message to their emails.  We need an email database for that.  I gave you 2 million USA targeted email list from last article.  If there are people who don’t get it, get it from here.  That’s how we promote our youtube channel.

How to Send Millions of Emails at once?And Email Database Free Download

I explained that in the last article.  Using a service like Sendblaster, we can send millions of emails at once.  That can make you a big income.  And if the country we are targeting is USA, the profits we get from youtube channel are high.  Simply put, the more we pay for advertising, the better.

Email Marketing is not a marketing service today.  But this is the cheapest marketing method for us.  In this article, We provide you free target email database in USA, UK, Canada and France.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Email Marketing.

  • Increase traffic to Youtube channel and website.  As traffic increases, adsense can generate more money.  Increase in income from adsense for visits to European countries such as USA and UK.
  • You can sell your gig by easily finding buyers for your work on Upwork and Fiverr.
  • These emails can be used for marketing purposes, finding travel agencies.

In the next article, I hope to give Worldwide 1 Billion emails for free.  You can download 1 Billion worldwide email leads.  I am obliged to give you all the offers ahead.

We need good content to send these emails.  Because they only look at the emails of the clients and see the content on our youtube channel.  It should make our content useful and creative.

Download Canada targeted  2 Million Email database for free in 2020 . Email Database Free

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