Users and network administrators have different views of their networks.  Often the users share the servers from the active computer group and some servers.  It means that they are in the same geological location and are on the same LAN.  Loved communities are less preferred in local areas and should be considered as randomly selected users who share multiple servers.  Also, peer-to-peer technologies are used for communication.

Network administrators look at both the physical and logical aspects of the network.  The physical sector includes geo-location, physical wiring and network devices (such as routers, bridges, and application layer gateways that connect physical media.) TCP / IP architecture includes subnets.  Logical networks, consisting of one or more physical media, are a common practice in universal buildings, using virtual LAN (VLAN) technology in each building’s LAN wires.  Under a set of government. This is an example of a common subnet.

Both the user and the administrator are concerned to varying degrees regarding the trustworthiness and functionality of the networks.  Again, using the TCP / IP-designated terminology, the Internet is usually a community of interests that are administered privately under a company.  It is only accessible to authorized users.  There is no need to connect to the Internet (eg employees) but there is usually a limited connection.  Extranet is an extension of the Internet that provides secure communication to users off the Internet.  (Eg business partners, customers)

In general, the Internet is a group of users, companies and content providers interconnected by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  In engineering, the Internet is a subnet.  They share the documented IP address space and share information about the reach of those IP addresses using the Border Gateway Protocol.  Formally, servers are converted to IP addresses through the Domain Name System (DNS) directory element, which can be read by people.

Online Business – Business (B2B), Business – Consumer (B2C) and Consumer – Consumer (C2C) communications can occur.  Communication, especially when transmitting money or sensitive data, has a tendency to be protected by a communication security mechanism.  Internet and Extranet can be deployed on the Internet without the access of ordinary Internet users and using secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

 When used for games, one computer has to be a client and the other plays through it.

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