What is Arduino (Arduino Projects definition)?

A lot of people today know what this Arduino is saying.  But there are many who started the arduino thing without knowing Basic.  So our site decided to learn more about Arduino. We expect to teach you everything in Arduino Projects definition.

Arduino is an interface that we able to make blinking LED bulbs and design a robot and we can create more.  On your creativity, you can do a lot of things using by arduino programming.  It’s based on your creativity.  So before you do any big work with Arduino, you need to know what Arduino is saying.

Arduino Projects definition
Arduino projects

What is an Arduino Microcontroller?

arduino microcontroller
Arduino microcontroller

So, before we say what arduino is, we need to know what a microcontroller is.  When you are reading about a microcontroller, you will understand why I say about a microcontroller firstly.  Let’s see what a microcontroller is,

However, A microcontroller is like a mini computer.  But the power is not as good as the computer we usually use.  There are Processor, RAM, Flash Memory, Clock and Control Units in a microcontroller.  According to the program of the control unit, this microcontroller works.

Similarly, These microcontrollers are used in equipment such as airplanes, robots, artificial hearts, and the TVs, refrigerators, printers we usually use at home.

What is the programming language for arduino?

arduino nano pinout

So this we need to write a code in microcontroller and create a program to do certain things.  You have to embed that program into the microcontroller. We say for that is the microcontroller programming.

This code is written in the same language as in a normal computer language.  You need to install a special software package on your computer.  This is Software Interface.

The written code then attached to a microcontroller on a dedicated circuit board to upload it to the microcontroller.  The hardware layout of the devices are hardware interfaces.

There are a number of software and hardware interfaces that can be programmed into the Microcontroller. Arduino is one of the most popular interface.

In Arduino, the software interface is the Arduino IDE.  Or what we call the Arduino software.  In this case we are using C ++ Language.  That means we have to write a program in accordance with the rules of C ++ Language.  We will talk more about Arduino Software Interface in a future article.

Arduino references/ Arduino Kit for beginners / arduino starter kit for projects

Arduino Projects definition
Arduino Programming

In Arduino, the hardware interface is the Arduino Development Board. As I said before, The Arduino Development Board also includes a Microcontroller which is manufactured by Atmel company.

There are many Arduino Development Board variants available today.  For example, you can see Arduino Mini, Arduino ProMini, Arduino Micro, Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Mega, Arduino Due, Arduino Lilypad.

At each of these boards, Atmel’s Microcontroller is the base.  But this changes the microcontroller on the board.  For example;

 Atmel’s ATMEGA328 Microcontroller is used on boards like Arduino nano, arduino uno r3 , arduino due

So, The Arduino Leanado board uses the microcontroller called ATMEGA32u4. As well as, the AT MEGA 2560 Microcontroller is used on boards like the Arduino Mega. As mentioned earlier in Microcontroller, this changes things like RAM, Flash Memory, I / O pins.

So, I recommended, Arduino Uno Board is the best board for anyone who is just starting arduino works.  Because on the Arduino Uno Board there is considerable physical space to do their work.

So, Let’s see more about this Arduino Uno Board.  There are two main types of Arduino Uno Board.

1) Arduino Uno R3

2) Arduino Uno R3 SMD

For instance, The main difference between the two boards is that the microcontroller in the SMD version comes in SMD mode.

Arduino Uno Specifications:

  • Microcontroller – ATmega328p
  • Operation Voltage – 5V
  • Input Voltage – 7 – 12V
  • Digital I/O Pins – 14
  • PWM Pins – 6
  • Analog Input Pins – 6
  • DC Current per I/O Pin – 20mA
  • DC Current for 3.3V Pin – 50mA
  • Flash Memory – 32KB
  • SRAM – 2KB
  • EEPROM – 1KB
  • Clock Speed – 16MHz

Basic Arduino uno r3 board main parts definition.

Let’s see, what are the main parts in a Ardiono Uno Board.

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Arduino uno board
  1. USB Power: – This port is used when the Arduino board is connected to the computer or when powered by USB.
  2. Power (Barrel Jack): – The Arduino board is used for power supply when the computer is not connected.
  3. Voltage Regulator: – Converts our 7 – 12V power supply to 5V through the Barrel Jack.
  4. Crystal Oscillator: – This is the 16MHz Oscillator which supports the Arduino board for periodic calculations.  This means that the Arduino Uno board operates at 16MHz frequency.
  5. Arduino Reset: – The arduino board used to reset.
  6. 3.3V: – Output voltage of 3.3V.
  7. 5V: – 5V voltage used to get out.
  8. GND: – Used to provide Ground connection to the circuit.
  9. Vin: – The Atmega328p Microcontroller used to provide a 5v voltage.
  10. Analog Input Pins: – If you want to provide Analog Input to the Arduino board, you can use Pin 6.
  11. Main Microcontroller: – The Microcontroller is the one that controls all the parts.  On the Uno board is the Atmega328p Microcontroller.
  12. ICSP – These pins are used when the Arduino board is an AVR
  13. Power LED Indcator: – The Arduino board is used to Indicate Power.
  14. TX and RX LED: – Used to indicate that the Arduino board has Data Receive or Data Transmit from the Arduino board.
  15. Digital IO pins: – Used to provide digital input to the Arduino board or to get a digital output from the Arduino board.

Finally, Hope you have heard a lot about the Arduino Projects definition.  See you from next article.

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