air pollution in england

One might wonder how the British air pollution is relevant to us. But here are two things to think about it. One is that the atmosphere is not confined to one country. The other is that in a country that is so concerned about health, such as Britain, how can people in our country be affected by air pollution?

One in 19 people in British cities dies from air pollution. The problem is said to be more severe in the south and southeast of England. This is 25 times the death rate from motor vehicle accidents in Britain.

One of the biggest reasons for this is exposure to PM 2.5-micron particles. That means micro-particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers. Human lungs have been designed for millions of years to filter out tiny particles from nature. A cloth wrapped around the nose is not enough to prevent these 2.5-micrometer particles.

For example, small particles emanating from the vehicles accumulate in the blood through the lungs. It is the most significant cause of this disaster. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that 19 cities are well beyond the limits of what is considered unhealthy. As a result, they are prone to heart and lung disease.

Further investigations found that Parkinson’s disease was associated with an increased risk of stress and depression. More than half of England’s population lives in cities. Even though the city has a comfortable lifestyle and easy transportation, they are not immune to the enormous health problems caused by this pollution. The solution is a few.

One solution is to use electric vehicles. At least 2.5-micrometer particles are formed from light vehicles because fossil fuels do not power them. In general, the brakes on a normal vehicle are less expensive to operate, because the brakes operate physically and not physically. This does not create microparticles. Another form of microparticles is the use of coal power plants. These are slowly closing even in England.

It was reported in the newspapers that Scotland would soon reverse its total carbon emissions. It has been revealed that the Cabinet has decided to add two more generators to the Norochcholai Power Plant to generate power. The result of the installation of more and more machines that could not be done properly is the increase in the particulate matter mentioned above.

Needless to say, these are reckless decisions made by ignorant politicians. Who can say there is no commission under these? These kinds of actions can be likened to when a person is sleeping in a room, under the bed of a room, rather than going to the toilet to function the body.

One politician said that a lump of pure coal could generate energy. When a bed is laid, it does not smell. Such statements that mislead the society can only be summed up as follows. Clean coal is by no means environmentally friendly. While it is true that NOx emissions are reduced when it is burned at low temperatures, boilers and tubes are destroyed when coal is burned at low temperatures over time.

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